Top 10 NHL Goalies Right Now

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Goaltending has become a very colluded position, with many players have similar stat lines. Most goalies have hot and cold stretches, so ranking them can vary over time. At the moment these are your top 10 goalies in the NHL ranked. 

10. Devan Dubnyk (MIN)- A year or two ago it would have been laughable to say Dubynk would even be a starting goalie in the NHL let alone one of the best. Last season he was unbelievable with a .936 save percentage. He had a record 27-9 leading the Wild to the playoffs. Barring a historic Carey Price season, Dubynk could have won the Vezina. This year Dubnyk has a .918 save percentage, but has been banged up with injuries at times.

9. Martin Jones (SJ)- Jones is finally getting his shot to start with the Sharks after backing up Jonathan Quick for a few years. He has quickly proven that he is a starter in this league. Furthermore, he is proving that he is better than the goalie he once backed up. This season Jones has a .920 save percentage which ranks 9th in the league of goalies who have played over 20 games. He has been a big reason why the Sharks are looking like they'll get back to the playoffs. 

8. James Reimer (TOR)- Optimus Reim is having a terrific season. The Leafs made a mistake trading for Jonathan Bernier when they already had a starting goaltender. With Bernier being all over the place this season, Reimer has taken back the starting job. He's posted a .935 save percentage which ranks 2nd in the NHL. Reimer's record is 7-4 despite the poor team in front of him. 

7. Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT)- I personally have underrated Fleury. He was always looked at as a scapegoat when the Penguins couldn't win in the playoffs. It was for good reason because of how bad he was in some games. However, you cannot continue to blame him for their struggles. Fleury has no defense whatsoever in front of him, and he still has a .925 save percentage on the season. With Crosby and Kessel's struggles this year added on top, Fleury has been maybe the Pens best player this year. 

6. Ben Bishop (TB)- Bishop could be out of Tampa Bay soon due to cap problems and Andrei Vasilevsky's potential behind him, but that hasn't stopped him from playing like a top goaltender. Bishop has a .931 save percentage to follow his great playoff campaign last season. Tampa's struggles on the season have made Bishop's numbers even more impressive. 

5. Jake Allen (STL)- This has been a breakout season for the Blues new starting goaltender. After years of wondering when he would take the job by the reigns, Allen is thriving now with the job. His .925 save percentage ranks 5th in the league among goalies that played over 20 games. He could finally be the goalie St. Louis has been looking for to get them deep in the playoffs. j

4. Cory Schneider (NJ)- The games best American goalie should represent the country as the starter at next year's World Cup. For now he's just leading a lesser talented Devils team into a playoff race. Schneider's .927 save percentage has become a consistency for him. In every season, except his 2nd year where he played 2 games, he has had over a .920 save percentage. Hard to believe Vancouver got rid of this guy. If the Devils make the playoffs, this guy should be a Vezina lock.

3. Henrik Lundqvist (NYR)- The king is still one of the league's elites. He makes jaw dropping saves, and is one of the most positionally sound in the game. This year his save percentage stands at .933 which is once again among the best in the league. 

2. Braden Holtby (WAS)- With the help of Barry Trotz and goaltending coach Mitch Korn, Holtby has become an elite goaltender. He's seen his save percentage rise from .915 two years ago, to .923 last year, and .935 this year. Holtby has helped the Capitals once again be looked at as Stanley Cup contenders. His game at this point of his career is essentially flawless. 

1. Carey Price (MON)- Price has been banged up a lot of this year, but he has once again been amazing when he is back there. Following last year's historic season with a .933 and 44 wins, Price has a .934 and 10 wins in just 12 games played. When healthy he is the best goalie in the NHL.