The Buffalo Sabres need a jersey overhaul

The Buffalo Sabres have changed their uniforms more drastically than most professional sports teams. They've went from the blue shown above, to red and black, to dark navy blue. It's time to go back to the originals, for good. 

The current Buffalo Sabres home jersey is the reason we need a change. On television, and from far away, the jersey looks black. The Sabres should be definitively blue and gold. No one should ever mistake it for black, and it happens quite often. 

I grew up a Sabre fan as a kid when the jerseys were red and black. Being born in 1995, the first decade of my life was spent watching the Sabres play in these beauties. 

Most adult fans scoff at these uniforms, saying "they are not the Sabres", and the younger generation growing up right now are too young to remember them. There's a generation of fans stuck in the middle. My generation. The generation of Sabres fans from age 20 to maybe 28, grew up with the Sabres looking like this. That was the Sabres to us. So while the organization wants to ignore the existence of these colors and the logo, they should give there young adult fans a night where the team wears them. 

Then we had the slug, and it was horrible. It was progress back towards the original jerseys, however. The colors were back to blue and gold, except the blue was navy. Much darker than in the 1990s and before. 

Thank goodness the team recognized that the logo had to be scrapped after 5 years. There were some fun years with this jersey, which at times made us forget how bad it was. The team did wear the original Sabre home jersey as an alternate for the 2006-07 season. 

More progress was made in 2010. The old logo was back. The Sabres unveiled their new very dark navy blue 3rd jerseys with the original Sabres logo. The jersey remains today as the team's home jersey. 

Oh and their were a few 3rd jerseys along the way. 

These were cool. They were a throwback to the old Buffalo Bisons of the AHL, and were introduced in the 40th anniversary season. 

Good lord what a disaster. 

Now the Buffalo Sabres need to change their uniforms, but this time should be the final time. The Sabres have progressing closer and closer to their original uniforms. They are the classic Buffalo Sabres uniforms. There is no need for this incredibly dark blue. There are so many teams with very dark colors. Separate yourselves Sabres. You've tried so many different jerseys. Like seriously, a ton of them. 

Fans just imagine watching Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart flying up and down the ice in the same jerseys worn by Gilbert Perrault, Rene Robert, Rick Martin, Danny Gare, Pat Lafontaine, Alexander Mogilny, etc. The classic bright blue and gold stripes. It's perfect, and it's Sabres hockey. These need to be the uniforms of the Buffalo Sabres.