Tim Murray not looking to trade for a goalie, yet.

Once Robin Lehner went down with his injury, many questioned whether Tim Murray would attempt to trade for a goalie to start in his absence. Some connected the Sabres to the Calgary Flames considering they have three goalies on their roster, in particular Jonas Hiller. The Flames don't want to lose any of their three goalies to waivers, so the connection was made by many they would try to trade one to goalie needy Buffalo. Tim Murray isn't interested though.

In an interview with ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, Murray said the following:

"To me, trading for a goalie and not using who we have here first would be crazy,

"Now, Nathan Lieuwen is coming off a concussion, he’s healthy now and Linus Ullmark had hip surgery, but he’s healthy now. There are some questions, no doubt about it, but we should answer those questions before we go outside the organization."

The confidence in Lieuwen and Ullmark is not shared throughout the Sabres community. Ullmark has played just 1 AHL game, and Lieuwen has only played 17 AHL games since the end of the 2014 Sabres season. 

Chad Johnson has looked capable so far in his three games this season, but he hasn't been spectacular. To be trusting a career backup as your number one, with no experience in net behind him is a risky move. My guess is if Johnson starts to falter, and neither Lieuwen or Ullmark can step up, the Sabres will than shop for a goalie.