Cody Franson making Buffalo Sabres play the waiting game

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

What is going on in Cody Franson's head? It is now September and he has yet to sign with a team. The Bruins and Sabres have shown the most interest. Both teams that will be competitive this season, both teams in need of an offensive defenseman. So why hasn't he signed?

Franson was offered $3 million a year from the Sabres. Just a slight pay cut from last season. The original thought was that Franson's main goal was to not get another one year contract. The Sabres offer provides that. Apparently Franson doesn't want to take a pay cut in any way. 

Franson may be trying to hold out until a team suffers an injury, and than he'll get the contract he wants. There's not much else he could be hoping for. Maybe he wants to go to a specific team that has not offered him a contract and he's hoping that happens. He should swallow his pride and sign with the Sabres. To this point their offer has been the best reported, and he will have an important role on the team.

If I'm the Sabres I would increase the offer so that he does' take a pay cut. Tim Murray can afford the cap hit, and we could use Franson. Under no circumstance should the Sabres increase the term of the contract though. Two years is the most he can get and should get. 

It'll be interesting to see what Franson does, but at this point there's no telling how long he'll wait to sign with a team.