Could The Buffalo Sabres Trade For Patrick Kane?

Patrick Kane is a beloved athlete in the city of Buffalo. Or at least was. He grew up in south Buffalo and after proving a lot of scouts wrong becoming one of the best players in the NHL, Buffalo fell in love with their hometown kid. Patrick Kane has won three Stanley cups with the Chicago Blackhawks, but after an investigation has begun with Kane being accused of rape, the Blackhawks may want to move on from the superstar. The incident (if true) actually occurred in Buffalo. The Buffalo news and media outlets around the area have really dug in deep about the situation and have really challenged Kane's reputation.

Kane is no stranger to trouble off the ice. Back in 2009 he was arrested after allegedly punching a cab driver over some sort of money issue. Could Chicago's patience with the dominating forward be running thin? According to WGR550 the Blackhawks have received trade offers for Kane. This may sound crazy, it certainly would be controversial, but could the Buffalo Sabres have any interest in kicking the tires with Chicago about a potential trade? Call me crazy but if Kane is cleared of these charges or reaches some sort of settlement in a court of law, Chicago could still look to move #88. I am not saying I would pull the trigger if I were the Sabres, but from a hockey stand point, it makes perfect sense.

Now the only problem if Kane becomes available and is freed from these allegations is what would Buffalo have to give up? Here could be a proposed trade that Tim Murray could try to pull off with the defending Stanley cup champions.

Buffalo Sabres get: F Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks get: F Matt Mouslon, F Marcus Foligno, 2016 First Round Pick, 2016 3rd Round Pick

Obviously this trade is crazy and would not work for many reasons, but then again this is the type of trade it would take to get Kane. Honestly it would take even more. A prospect like Jake McCabe would probably be put into the trade as well. In this scenario Chicago would free up 4 million dollars in cap space by taking on Foligno and Moulson's contracts instead of Kane's. However is an average twenty goal scorer and a big gritty forward enough to pull away Patrick Kane? Not alone but having a first round pick which could be a top 10 pick depending on the Sabres success this season, and a third round pick could be enough if Chicago really wants to get rid of Kane.

Yes this is insane. Why not dream though you know? Teams are offering trades so it isn't crazy to think the Sabres could at least make an effort in acquiring Patrick Kane. The circumstances of the case however make it very unlikely. Hey, you never know.

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Are the Sabres interested in acquiring home town star Patrick Kane?
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