Sabres Power Play Lineup Predictions

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

SabreStop has predicted the Sabres 2015 lineup probably over 15 times.....but what about the power play? Now there are numerous scenarios that could make what was a historically bad power play into a top 5 unit this season.

Putting on my Dan Bylsma cap here to predict the power play units.

Rasmus Ristolainen

Jack Eichel

Love Eichel at the point. His shot is hard and accurate. He played point at Boston University on the power play. Kane up in front of the net could be deadly. Ristolainen has a hard shot and is really the best of a bad situation when it comes to offensive defenseman on this team. 

Bringing back the dominant line of last season to lead the second power play unit. Chemistry goes a long way on the power play. Bringing in the rookie d pairing will help both McCabe and Pysyk's development. Pysyk has a very accurate shot and McCabe may have the best offensive ability in the entire defensive unit this season.

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