Eichel Has Made Decision On College vs NHL, Will Announce After Being Drafted

We are less than 24 hours away from Tim Murray announcing the selection of Jack Eichel to the Buffalo Sabres. All is well in the universe, but one unanswered question looming during the draft is whether or not Eichel will play in the NHL this year or decide to go back to Boston University and attempt to win a national championship.

According to WGR 550, Jack Eichel has said that he knows whether or not he will return to college or elect to play for the Sabres in 2015. He will announce his decision after being selected on Friday.

Odds are Eichel will be joining the Sabres next season. Tim Murray has given him his guarantee that he will be with the Sabres throughout the regular season if he chooses to join the team in July. Given the security of staying in the NHL this season as well as over 900k guaranteed on his contract, how could Eichel possibly go back to college? Not likely to happen. Especially after Eichel dominated in the World Championships in June. Being able to outmatch Evgeni Malkin on a few occasions shows just how big of an impact Eichel can make immediately with the Sabres.

If the slim chance of Eichel going back to school does come to fruition, it will be disappointing. Having to go through another full regular season without Eichel will be tough but having Sam Reinhart and Evander Kane joining the team as well as a new goaltender, young defense man, and a new head coach will be enough to thing optimistically about the team in 2015-16.

Don't let that last paragraph scare you, if you asked me now I would say there is a 95% chance that Eichel is with the Sabres this year. I haven't heard one analyst or person associated with Eichel that believes he will return to Boston. If he is going back to Boston it is to take down the Bruins!

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