What Number Should Jack Eichel Wear?

Draft day is right around the corner! 3 days in fact. All of the trials and tribulation of the 2015 season can officially come to an end Friday when Tim Murray announces the Sabres have selected centerman from Boston University Jack Eichel. An interesting quesiton that many including WGR 550's Mike Schoop and the Bulldog have brought up is what number will Eichel wear? With #9 already taken by newly acquired Evander Kane, Eichel has some intriguing options. Here are my top five numbers Eichel should wear. 

#15- The popular choice for many, Eichel wore 15 in the world junior championships the past two seasons and most suspect that Eichel will choose 15 given no Sabre has worn the odd number since Dainius Zubrus back in the 2007 conference finals run. Name a star player that is #15.......exactly. Eichel could make the number truly his. This is the favorite heading into Friday. 

#98- For Eichel to choose 98 could establish the type of guy he is going to be in the NHL. Choosing the number 1 spot higher than the person picked one spot higher (Connor McDavid) would show his fierce competitiveness and a little bit of attitude. Not many players have had success in the NHL wearing 98, it is the closest thing to Gretzky no? 

#10- In soccer, the best player on the team wears 10, it is a classic number in sports that is normally given to a leader of the team. If your sensing a trend with my choices it is that not many star players wear these jerseys, that is the way we like it in Buffalo, unique and powerful. 

#19- Assuming the Sabres buy out Cody Hodgson, if Eichel can't have 9 then he can just add a 1 in front of it. Good idea no? 

No matter what number is on the jersey that Eichel is holding up this Friday it is going to be in blue and gold! That my friends is all that matters.

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