Malkin Will Not Be Moved Due To Buyer's Market and Ownership Changes

It has been rumored a lot and I personally do not know why.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are always rumored to be shopping Evgeni Malkin around the NHL.  The excitement fans around the league get from this is abundant and unwarranted.  I am telling everyone now that barring an insane offer from an extremely bold GM and organization.  Evgeni Malkin will continue to play and produce for the Pittsburgh Penguins organization next year.

Evgeni Malkin is not going to be moved
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'll admit that this is prime time for a Malkin move.  The Penguins are sick and tired of losing.  They see the successes of Chicago and think why were we not so successful after winning our core's one and only cup in 2009.  Injuries and cap trouble has plagued the Penguins franchise since that brief, jubilant moment in the team's history.  

They also see the Tampa Bay Lightning, with youth and talent all over their roster and start to get worried with how they are going to beat that team with the roster they have now.  It does make a little bit of sense to shop Malkin to see what his value is.  However, Malkin will be in a buyer's market with a lot of good players becoming trade assets in this offseason.  Guys like Rick Nash, Milan Lucic, Patrick Sharp, Brian Bickell, Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf just to name a few.  The problem is not that Malkin's value will be the same as these players' because we all know that Malkin is more valuable than any of those players.  The problem lies with the fact that there are so many players available to trade for.  Why give up more first round picks for a great like Malkin when you can get a very good so much cheaper.  

The other inherent problem that will stop a Malkin move is the ownership situation in Pittsburgh, or lack thereof.  With Lemeiux and others selling the franchise, the Penguins will not be moving players as there is no one to give the green light from the Owner's Box.  Sorry to Sabres fans, who want Malkin and to the league for wanting more blockbuster deals, but Evgeny Malkin is not moving, at least not right now.