Rumor Ties Rick Nash and Sabres Together

Could you imagine, seeing Jack Eichel centering Evander Kane and......Rick Nash? It sounds crazy, but Tim Murray has shown that he is bold when it comes to pursuing trades. Just look at the trade with Winnipeg. Murray gave away a potential franchise d-man in Tyler Myers, as well as a solid veteran winger for a injured forward and an unproven top pick in Zach Bogosian. Bogosian impressed late in the season and Evander Kane looks to be on schedule to play in the season opener. So that trade seems to be working out smoothly. Can Murray pull it off again for another proven top line winger? The Rangers are looking to clear some cap space in order to go for a cup next season, they may not see retaining Nash as a top priority.

Now what would a Sabres-Rangers trade look like?

Nash is still on average a 30 plus goal scorer. It isn't going to take simply Mikhail Grigorenko and a second round pick, for Nash the Sabres are going to have to trade away a top d prospect or two veteran forwards, how about Marcus Foligno and Mikhail Grigorenko? Throw in a first round pick and you have Jack Eichel playing with Nash and Kane. Makes me jittery just thinking about it.

Final Trade Proposal:

Sabres get- Rick Nash and 2015 3rd round pick

Rangers get- Marcus Foligno, Mikhail Grigorenko, 2015 1st round pick (21st overall)

May not be enough but it could be a start to a blockbuster trade. Foligno and Grigorenko have a lot of upside and cost a lot less than Nash which will allow the Rangers to retain Derek Stephan and other free agents. The first round pick may be the deal breaker.

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