McDavid to Edmonton. No one will ever see him play

This face is not a happy face

Saturday night the Edmonton Oilers won the NHL Draft Lottery. For hockey, the NHL, and McDavid himself this was the worst possible scenario. The NHL's next big star is going to be buried in a small northern Alberta city. I can guarantee you SportsCenter will never lead off their show with Edmonton Oiler highlights. The NHL will have a much tougher time marketing McDavid in the United States when he's playing in a city most Americans haven't heard of. At least if Toronto had won, they would still have the ability to market him on prime time national television in the States. Him being in Edmonton means you will only see him at 10 o'clock at night, and probably only if you have NHL Gamecenter. Buffalo and Toronto get consistent games on NBC networks in prime time spots.

Craig Mactavish will survive as Oilers GM most likely for a long time. It's pretty hard to mess up three 1st overall picks in five years, but he did it. It's damn near impossible to mess up four 1st overall picks in six years, when one of them is Connor McDavid. The Oilers are likely to become a great team. They still need a goalie and many defense man, but they're well on their way at forward. A core of McDavid, Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Yakupov, and Draisaitl is insanely good.

From the NHL's perspective this was a total and utter failure. McDavid will now be mostly irrelevant when it comes to American sports media. While he has the talent that Ovechkin and Crosby had when they came into the league, he will not get the same attention. If I were McDavid I would demand Edmonton trade me. He still holds the power, if he doesn't want to go to Edmonton he shouldn't have to. Just get me somewhere within a 4 hour plane ride to get home.

The biggest loser in the draft lottery was the sport of hockey. So much talent is being wasted in arguably the worst run organization in the NHL, and you just sent the games next superstar there. Horrible.