Sabres Trade Targets: P.K. Subban

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Crazy right? Probably yes, but the moment a player of P.K. Subban's caliber is being mentioned in trade rumors you have to entertain the thought. No I don't think he's getting traded, at all, but crazier things have happened.

Subban and Michel Therrien are in the news, after Therrien blasted Subban in his post game press conference following a loss to Colorado Wednesday night. Subban came out with some strong comments of his own.

“It’s so emotional in Montreal now, you wouldn’t believe it,”

Renaud Lavoie said he doesn't expect Subban to be traded, but did give many reasons on why it could be possible. For one personality could be an issue. The organization has had it's share of run ins with Subban, going back to their multiple contract disputes. Now he's being questioned by the head coach. Good news for him is his head coach will most likely be fired either at the end of the season, or if Bruce Boudreau is made available. Which ever comes first.

“Management has to make a decision. If he’s still with the team after July 1, hopefully those two sides are going to find a way to work with each other,”

Over his last two full seasons, Subban had 53 and 60 points. This season he has 44, and is on track to have a similar season as before. He logs huge minutes coming in at about 26 minutes per game.

Now what is the main thing the Sabres need? Most would say it's a stud defenseman to put with Rasmus Ristolainen. Who better than a former Norris winning defenseman. If you could build the perfect defenseman, he'd bascially be Subban. An elite shot, a great skater, great puck handler, great passer, great hitter, and a shut down defenseman. That's P.K. Subban. Yes, Montreal would be out of their minds to even listen to an offer on him, but if they did Tim Murray should be all over it.

Subban has a $9 million a year annually until 2022. That would make it difficult to fit in any other large contract outside extensions on their way from Jack Eichel, Rasmus Ristolainen, etc. With Subban on the team however, they shouldn't need to invest much more anyway.

What would it cost to get Subban in a trade? Automatically the Sabres are probably giving up Sam Reinhart. Montreal has been looking for a franchise center for years. With Reinhart added to having Alex Galchenyuck already, they'd have pretty good odds at having at least one turn out as elite. Not only are they giving up Reinhart, but they'd probably have to trade a 1st round pick. Whether it's a 1st this year or next year, Reinhart straight up is not getting you P.K. Subban.

Subban is an elite defenseman. Trading one of your top scorers out of your already paper thin scoring depth is risky. You'd have to go into free agency to replace that. Whether it's a little fish like a Mikkel Boedker or it's a whale like Steven Stamkos. But with Ryan O'Reilly and Jack Eichel essentially locked in as your top two centers, the value for Reinhart decreases. The value for a franchise defenseman to go with Ristolainen is still very much needed. All this being said, it would be Earth shattering if Montreal traded Subban.