This is Evander Kane. Deal with it

Evander Kane has come under some fire over the past couple days, after he missed practice Monday morning. Kane was at the NBA All-Star game Sunday night in Toronto. 

Kane will miss one, pretty much meaningless, game against Ottawa. If the game was important in any way, Kane would be playing. 

Kane has always been a guy who likes to go to big events, most recently the Blue Jays playoff game and the Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight. He is also a guy who is big on social media. Instagram, Twitter, etc. That is who Evander Kane is. He is never going to change that. 

To see Kane's situation compared to LeSean McCoy's situation, which has been said by the morons on Twitter, is completely and morally wrong. Going to a basketball game an hour and half away, and sleeping through practice the next day is not on the same planet as allegedly assaulting off duty police officers. 

It's also funny that Ryan O'Reilly didn't get nearly as much criticism early in the season when he rammed his truck into a Tim Horton's. O'Reilly is a guy who, like Kane, had issues with his prior organization and wanted out. O'Reilly has been charged with a crime. Kane has not. 

Now, Kane does have a sexual assault allegation still hanging around. There has been no update on that situation in almost two months. If that turns out to be anything concrete, the Sabres will have an actual problem. However, partying, missing a practice, and being active on social media has nothing to do with his long term longevity on the team. 

Alexander Ovechkin missed a practice earlier in the season for the Capitals due to his alarm clock not going off. How many fans would say his character is driving the team down? The Caps are in first place and he's the captain. Kane missing a practice will not hurt the team at all. 

Kane on the ice has been exactly what most would expect. This season he's on a pace for 28 goals in a full 82 game season. This is a league where only 15 players scored 30 goals last season. Kane has provided the Sabres with hard hits, solid defensive play, great possession stats, and even a few fights. 

It's not hard to understand why Kane has the reputation he does. The Canadian media has seemed to have a vendetta against him since he got to Winnipeg. He lives a very high profile lifestyle, which is not like most hockey players. Kane doesn't live a life like most fans. He lives in Los Vegas, he goes to big events all over the country, hell he even took a helicopter to the Blue Jays game. Fans can't connect with him in that way like they can blue collar players. 

Evander Kane is having a very good season, and he is a very good player. You're going to hear about things that happen off the ice with him no matter what. That's who he is. I'd urge Sabre fans to deal with it.