Do Sabres fans think "What could have been" with Connor McDavid

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Timing is everything. Well this article may not be very timely. Jack Eichel is currently on the hottest streak of his rookie season. Eichel was the third star of the month according to after recording 21 points in his last 19 games.

Yet with all the success the poster child has become accustomed to, do Sabres fans still think about "what could have been" when they see Connor McDavid return to the Oilers and pull off a goal as filthy as this one?

We all remember the trips to see the Erie Otters because of number 97, we all remember Terry Pegula bringing the Otters to the First Niagara Center for the Sabres fans to dream and drool over McDavid in the blue and gold.

So do fans still feel that way? Would fans trade Jack Eichel for Connor McDavid?

Maybe and maybe not. Depends on who you ask.  

Jack Eichel has been everything and more the Sabres have hoped for. 16 goals and 19 assists with a combined 35 points is good for second on the team. His game in the defensive zone has grown tremendously and seems to be using his speed on a more consistent basis on both ends of the ice.

By the numbers: McDavid vs Eichel

Connor McDavid

Jack Eichel

Games Played: 14

Games Played: 51

Goals: 6

Goals: 16

Assists: 9

Assists: 19

Points: 15

Points: 35

Faceoff Percentage: 36.4%

Faceoff Percentage: 41.1%

Takeaways: 10

Takeaways: 24

Giveaways: 4

Giveaways: 22

Power Play Points: 5

Power Play Points: 12

Like fellow writer Joe DiBiase said, McDavid may very well be an all-time great. It is only human to wonder what it would be like to have McDavid on the Sabres. 

Even Sabres GM Tim Murray was clearly frustrated when Buffalo lost out on the draft lottery. 

So Sabrestop asked around on the Sabres Mafia Facebook page to see what people thought about the fantasy-like scenario of a trade involving Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid.

As much as the Sabres fans have grown to love Eichel, would they pull the trigger to bring McDavid to Buffalo?

"I wouldn't. Jack is our guy. Would I take McDavid if the draft was tomorrow yes... But would I trade the jack that we have today. No way and I don't think that's being a homer at all."

"I compare the two players to Ovi and Toews. Toews has 3 cups Ovi has zero. Eichel has more substance. McDavid more flash. Substance wins cups!!! So answer is no"

So far it seems like the Sabres fans aren't biting and have fallen for a new love. A few fans however thought it was common sense that McDavid will be the better star.

"Love Jack but 100% yes. Eichel will be a top 5 player for the next 10 years, McDavid has the potential to be top 5 all time."

We even received this meme as an answer to the question.

Both Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid will be the faces of the NHL for the next decade and half, but this is something Sabres and NHL fans will talk about until Eichel and McDavid hang up the skates.

Eichel hates being compared to McDavid but that is the name of the game.

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