Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

“Scottmania” is in full effect. The number one vote getter for the All-Star game has been under heavy criticism for being a “joke” and “Underserving to call himself an All-Star.” Let me make one thing clear, John Scott IS an All-Star. “But Nick, how can a man who has scored 5 goals and amassed 11 points in his 9 year NHL career be considered an All-Star?” First, great question one of my six readers. Second, because no matter how you look at it, John Scott has played 285 NHL games in an era where the enforcer is a thing of the past. Seriously, how many NHL enforcers are in the league right now? Scott has cracked the formula for success at staying in the league, and quite frankly, the All-Star game is for people who are the best at what they do. Who would be ranked as a better enforcer, or even a better teammate as John Scott? He is beloved by all of his teammates, none of which has had a bad thing to say about Scott on or off the ice. And the fans LOVE him. He’s already sold out his All-Star game jersey so fast that when Scott himself went to buy one, he couldn’t. Scott is going to make the All-Star game watchable for the first time in over six years. Who enjoyed seeing Radim Vrbata and Nick Foligno half-ass skate around for 60 minutes last year? No one? The All-Star game has no meaning in the grand scheme of things, it is only for fan enjoyment, to get closer to the players, and have the NHL generate some extra revenue. John Scott has both 1. Generated the most votes by the fans and 2. Sold out of his jerseys and leads in T-Shirt sales. John Scott is arguably the most likeable person in the All-Star game right now, a people’s champion, and the man has been told his entire life he wouldn’t make it in the NHL let alone go pro. But he did. And yeah, people say he doesn’t deserve it, but that’s not true. Every person in the NHL is a professional, they are the best at what they do. Hands down, bar none, if you meet any of these players in a pickup game or see them at a rink, they will be better than you. There are 1.64 million people in the world who play organized hockey, there are roughly 1500 players under contract in the NHL, and 690 on the active roster. Let that sink in. Scott is not in the NHL by chance, he isn’t just some guy off the street who walked on. He beat out over 1 million NHL wannabes, and works hard every day to stay there. No John Scott won’t be inducted into the hall of fame, no John Scott won’t ever win a Hart or an Art Ross, but he has done one thing over a million people couldn’t do. Make it in the NHL, and even fewer have made the All-Star game. Congratulations John Scott, you beat the odds again.