Sabres all time All-Star team

The Buffalo Sabres have a long history of great players from Gilbert Perreault, all the way to Ryan O'Reilly. There have been 31 Sabres to make the all-star game and a few head coaches as well. Here is the all-time Buffalo Sabres all-star team. 


1st Line: Rick Martin (1975)- Gilbert Perreault (1980)- Rene Robert (1975)

You just have to keep the "French Connection" together. They combine for 18 all-star games between the trio. Perreault made nine, Martin made seven straight, and Robert made two. 1980 Perreault makes it over his other years, because he was at the peak of his game then. Perreault had 40 goals and 106 points, both being his second best career totals. Martin and Robert had arguably their best seasons in '75. Martin had career highs with 52 goals and 95 points, while Robert also had career highs with 40 goals and 100 points. 

2nd line: Alexander Mogilny (1993)- Pat LaFontaine (1993)- Daniel Briere (2007)

This is an all-skill line. One of the most offensive combinations you can put together. This line would score at will. Mogilny set the franchise record in goals with 76. That record will never be touched. Lafontaine set franchise records in both assists with 95, and points with 148. Neither of those records will be touched either. Briere has the ability to play wing, which is why he squeaks into the top six forwards. His 95 points in 2007 are by far the best of a Sabre since the lockout. 

3rd line: Dave Andreychuk (1990) -Pierre Turgeon (1990)- Danny Gare (1980)

Andreychuk played in two all-star games for the Sabres. In '90 he had 40 goals and 82 points, in one of his better seasons with the Sabres. In the same year, Turgeon put up 40 goals and 106 points. Danny Gare had his best season in 1980. Gare had 56 goals and 88 points. Those 56 goals stood as the franchise season record, until Mogilny broke it with 76 in '93. 

4th line: Thomas Vanek (2009)- Ryan O'Reilly (2016)- Miroslav Satan (2000)

Line four was the toughest to put together. There are many good candidates, and some not so good candidates. Players like Zemgus Girgensons and Christian Ruutu just didn't deserve to be all-stars when they made it. O'Reilly is an all around player who is putting up great offensive numbers. He's an easy choice. Thomas Vanek's 40 goal season in '09 qualifies him and Satan's 33 goals and 67 points are good enough as well. While Jason Pominville is a better all around player, this team needed some black and red representation. Satan is the only one on the team to be on the World All-Star Team.


1st Pair: Phil Housley (1990)- Mike Ramsey (1987)

The best two defenseman in Sabre history are the clear top defensemen. Housley gives you the offense, like 81 points of offense. A record that will never be broken in franchise history. Housley played in seven all-star games, including his third with the Sabres. Ramsey gives you the shut down defense, with a little scoring as well. Ramsey was also right in the middle of his prime in '86, and had 28 points. The '86 all-star game was Ramsey's fourth and his last.

2nd Pair: Brian Campbell (2007)- Jim Schoenfeld (1980)

Campbell had his best season as a Sabre in '07. He had 48 points, and led the Sabres in ice time. Campbell provides the offensive flash, while Schoenfeld will bring the toughness and the stay at home defense. Not only is Schoenfeld the stay at home defender, but he had a career high in goals with 9 and points with 36.

3rd Pair: Alexi Zhitnik (2002)- Uwe Krupp (1991)

The Ukraine-Germany connection of Zhitnik and Krupp is the third pairing. Krupp had his best season in 1991 with 12 goals and 44 points. He also played in his second all-star game with the Red Wings in 1999. Zhitnik had 34 points in 2002, and was the team's best defender. Both players give are balanced defenders who provide some offense. 


Starter: Dominik Hasek (1999)

Hasek had an absolutely insane .939 save percentage in 1999. Hasek made six all-star games, five of which were with the Sabres. Hasek is in many people's opinions, the greatest goaltender to ever play the game. Those who wouldn't admit that will admit he's the most unique goalie of all time. Hasek would win the Vezina in 99, one of his six. 

Backup: Ryan Miller (2010)

Another Vezina winner for the Sabres. Miller's best season was 2010, with a .929 save percentage and a franchise record 41 wins. If Hasek didn't play for the Sabres, it would've been the best season in franchise history.